Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Expressing Ability, Polite Questions and Exercise

Expressing Ability :
1. I could run fast.
2. I will be able to help  you.
3. You can buy a milk to the supermarket.
4. Ferry can run fast.
5. I am able to help  you.

Polite Questions :
1. Will you please pass the salt ?
2. Could I borrow  your eraser ?
3. Shall I open the door ?
4. Might I borrow your pen ?
5. May I borrow your pencil ?

Exercise : Expressing Ability : CAN and CAN’T
1. A dog can bark, but it can’t sing.
2. You can store water in a glass jar, but you can’t store it in a paper bag.
3. . A cat can climb trees, but it can’t fly.
4. A tiny baby can cry, but it can’t talk.
5. A fish can’t walk, but it can swim

1. Tonight I could go shopping. Or I might watch the movie. Of course, I may go shopping. But I’ll probably just watch the movie.
2. Next year, I might graduate. But I could postpone it. I may postpone it. But I’ll probably graduate next year.
3. My friend Kendall may visit me this weekend, but I’m not sure. She might visit. She could also take her friends along. But she’ll probably visit me alone.
4. One hundred years from now, I may have die. But I could live long enough. I will probably might’ve die anyway.

Exercise : Polite Questions : MAY I, COULD I, and CAN I.
1. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Is Ahmed there?
A : Yes, he is.
B : May I speak to him?
A : Just a minute, I’ll get him.

2. A : Hello. Mr. Black’s office.
B : May I speak to Mr. Black?
A : May I ask who is calling?
B : Susan Abbott.
A : Just a moment Ms. Abbott. I’ll connect you.
3. A : Hello?
B : Hi. This is Bob. Can I talk to Pedro?
A : Sure. Hang on.
4. A : Good afternoon. Dr. Wu’s office. Can I help you?
B : Yes. I’d like to make an appoinment with Dr. Wu.
A : Fine. Is Friday morning at ten all right?
B : Yes. Thank you.
A : Your name?
5. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Can I talk to Emily?
A : She’s not at home right now. Do you have a message?
B : No thanks. I’ll call later.
6. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Can I talk to Maria?
A : She’s not here right now.
B : Oh. Can I have a message?
A : Certainly. Just a minute. I have to get a pen.
7. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Could I talk to Jack?
A : Who?
B : Jack. Jack Butler.
A : There’s no one here by that name. I’m afraid you have the wrong number.
B : Is this 221-3892?
A : No, it’s not.
B : Oh, I’m sorry.
A : That’s okay.

Exercise : Polite Questions : MAY I, COULD I, and CAN I
1. May I please see your dictionary for a minute.
2. May I please use Bobby’s phone please.
3. Can I have the check please?I have finish my meal.
4. Can I help you with your packages miss? Sure thanks.
5. May I leave the class Mrs. Sophia?
6 Can I borrow your calculator during the algebra test? I’m sorry, but I need to use it.
7. Could I borrow some of your money please?I have less amount of money. Sure, here it is. Thanks.